Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Morning Report

It's been a busy weekend and not over yet. On Friday, Marsha and I went to the Mancuso show at Oaks. Saturday found the Usual Suspects sewing together in fellowship hall. Company for dinner that night, ushering at 8:00 church this morning, and putting down lots and lots of steps on the FitBit (Joe's being away for the weekend has given me sole responsibility for Blackberry's walks); all of this has me feeling a bit tired here on Sunday Morning.

The Mancuso show was much like all of the rest of the quilt shows I've attended in the past several years: The majority of the quilts were small wall hangings, and the emphasis on the larger quilts seemed to be heavy, intricate machine quilting. I don't make very many wall pieces; mostly I like quilts that are used rather than just admired. When I give a quilt away, most of the time I tell the recipient: "Please don't hang this on the wall! Use it to sleep under, make love on, or to serve as a tablecloth (preferably not all on the same day)!"

I took this picture to show Joe, who just loves these kinds of windmills. I've developed quit a fancy for them, too; it's kind of nifty to be driving along in the mountains, round a bend, and see a whole line of them majestically standing there.

Spent some time perusing the vendors; there were the usual ones with the very latest ruler/device for some nifty way to make a block, there were some nice purveyors of international fabric, not as many non-quilt-related products, and lots of fabric.

I surprised myself by buying a sashiko kit from one of the international vendors; it was $16 and came with a gorgeous piece of indigo fabric stamped with a terrific dragonfly design, sashiko needle and thread. Not at all my usual kind of thing, but I think I could envision the finished panel turning into the side of a tote bag.

There was one vendor selling batiks and you prolly can guess that I spent some time and money there. He had not the usual Bali-Pops packages, but groupings that he had put together with different themes. I really liked them and bought one package of very brights called "Mardi Gras." Then at lunch (the hot buffet featuring surprisingly good ziti with red sauce and equally tasty Caesar salad; my Weight Watcher group would have been proud of my good choices and my deeming the mass produced German chocolate and carrot cakes "not worth it" but I wildly digress) Bobbi mentioned that she had noticed brown paper grab bags at that same stand. Marsha and I made a beeline for them, were tickled to see that they were $8 for 40 strips, and each purchased two. I opened mine as soon as I got home and immediately began a new project (who, me?) because they were that terrific.

Today I shall return to that new project (yes, I'm that enthralled with it!), catch up on domestic responsibilities, take a couple of nice walks with Blackberry and work on binding the church fair pot holders.

I'm sharing this one final quilt picture, not because I would sleep under it/make love on it/use it for a tablecloth, and not because I would hang it on my wall, and not because I would ever attempt to make such an amazing project, but because I have felt like that. Not often, but on occasion, and it is a very, very good feeling.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Excellent post, Nancy. Quilt shows are indeed a mixed bag of sensations and impressions. I, too, prefer quilts that are used, loved, and used/worn out . . . but the energy from a show can be re-vitalizing, so glad you found something that tickles your quilty-soul!

Susan Heydt said...

Interesting -- I took a picture of the same quilt! I actually felt like the show was one of the best they've done. I went in knowing that you felt it was too artsy, and actually noticed quite a few bed-sized quilts, but was intentionally searching for them.

Please check out the SA Challenge for next year -- it's already posted --- and, perhaps, consider choosing a letter and joining in.....

Sandra said...

That quilt just screams "JOY!" I would love to start every day by looking at it.

Barbara Anne said...

Love the quilts and especially the last one that I would call "Exuberance!". How inspiring!

What fun to have your imagination take off on a new project from getting new and delicious fabrics!


floribunda said...

I'm glad you like the windmills! My DH works in wind energy development, and it's amazing how many people hate them... personally, I think they're beautiful!

Janet O. said...

Nancy, you've made me want to get a Fitbit. DD#1 has one, but I first heard about them on your blog. I think it would help keep me moving more.
I'm anxious to see the new project with your batiks. I love grab bags when I know the fabrics inside will be something I love.
Your final picture--what a delight. I love your reference to feeling that way. We should all have at least a few moments like that in life, shouldn't we?

LizA. said...

You two definitely need to head to my part of the country....we have many of them around and just over the far hill is a a wind farm that also has tours! It's on our "to do" list.

Anonymous said...

Once, driving through Nebraska, there were trucks with the blades of the windmills on them, pulled over to the side of the road. I was completely shocked at how HUGE they are! I'd seen them for years in Riverside, CA, on the sides of the mountain coming out of the Coachella Valley, but never realized they are just enormous! Love that quilt.