Dance as Though No One is Watching

My friend Pat, knowing my penchant for dancing ladies, sent me this picture months ago. And it's been on my desktop ever since. I love it.

That's all. I just wanted to share it because I love it.

And for some reason it makes me think of my other friend Karla. Who once danced in the rain.

Thanks, Pat!


Pat said…
Some day we will all get together and dance in the rain.
Karla said…
I still spontaneously dance in the rain! The picture is wonderful!
Janet O. said…
My kids and I used to love to run out and dance in the rain. I realize that tonight I was just in a hurry to run through the rain to get home. What happened?
Hanging over my sink is that saying about not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the dancers and I, too, love a quick dance in the rain - if there's no thunder or lightening, of course.

Karendianne said…
I like it, too! Happiness.
Tanya said…
I've always admired your profile picture with the dancing ladies. I have a dancer friend and she would just love a quilt with dancing ladies. Dare I attempt one?