Strings Update

The two bags of strings are going in the mail today to Blogless Marilyn K in California. Thank you to all who showed interest.


antique quilter said…
I was soooo tempted but then decided I have a few baskets of 1.5" strips I would use for string quilts .
have to admit I am afraid to start making them
I hear they are addictive!
ps I am in awe of your DH's drawings, I would want to fram e them all. I am a HUGE fan of pencil and pen and ink drawings....and architectural ones just LOVE old buildings/bridges/churches homes....
thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I was also tempted by your offer of the strings, but my stash is taking over the house now. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness of sharing them with others.
quiltmom anna said…
So happy that Marilyn will take them and turn them into some beautiful string quilts. It is always terrific when the fabrics are sent to a new loving home..