Pot Holders Done

I finished the remaining pot holders for the dozen I'd promised the organizer of the Parish Fair. They are so  much fun to make!

Recently I found a pattern for oven mitts. I never use them, myself, because my hands are small and I don't trust their bigness. But I know most people prefer oven mitts to pot holders. I'm thinking it might be fun to make some.


Janet O. said…
I don't use oven mitts, either, but not for the same reason. It is just an extra step to have to put them on. My reason is pure laziness!! : )
Your pot holders are very fun!
Barbara Anne said…
What delightful potholders!! The folks who shop will have a hard time choosing just one, but that's good!

I seldom use oven mitts either but rely on them when taking something large and heavy out of the oven - like a turkey. Mine are kept at the bottom of the kitchen towel/potholder drawer.

It will be interesting to see what your next sewing room project will be.

antique quilter said…
these are so fun, I know you had fun making them too!
always makes me feel good to make something for charity. did you put any heat resistant material in them ? wonder how necessary it is with the batting and all?

Karla said…
Nancy, how fun! Makes me wish I even used potholders. I use a kitchen towel and if the item is large 2 kitchen towel. :-)

Love and Lollipops
LizA. said…
I think I know what I'm going to do with that box of crumbs....what a colorful feast for the eyes on this gloomy day in central Washington.