Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's On My Wall

Some of my peeps on FB have begun a "Show Us Your Wall!" movement. I've enjoyed seeing what they have shared, and decided to take a turn. My Wall is unusual. As you can see, there appear to be three sections. Actually, if opened out all the way flat, there would be four. My husband designed and built my wall so that it has two main sections and two side sections. The hinges work, and I can close the whole thing up (but why would I want to do that).

Here's the main section. Starting on the left, we have my current leader-ender project and the picture that inspired it. Moving down a bit is the template the the fox's spectacles and a baggie that holds some yellow and white HSTs that I can't remember what I was going to do with! In the approximate center are the first four blocks of my current project, and below them is the first of two blocks for Stephanie who is Queen Bee soon. On the right are a photo of a project I am contemplating, a hunk of the fabric I used for labels for Aberdeen's clothing, a single Birthday Part Block and the drawing for it. Finally, we have my first PP block to remind me that I can do this!

Moving on to the messy left inside panel, on the left we have instructions for an infinity scarf, instructions on fusible bonding, a couple of designs, four strips of gray fabric for no good reason. In the center are some CW blocks I made for a quilt-along that Lori started and I got distracted, a nice MOO that someone pieced for me, a few small CW HSTs, a batik star that Turbo made, an extra piece of lattice from recent baby quilts. Down low we have a yellow and white blocks that I thought I was going to make a bunch of but was disenchanted after the first one, and a sketch of shimmering triangles from a photo.

The reverse side of that door meets up with my cutting table. At the top is a baggie with some floss, and coming down are all manner of odds and ends including the Mazed pattern which I never can find when I'm wanting it. There's Carolyn Friedlander's Outhouses pattern that I cannot imagine why I purchased but I haven't given up on it yet over there on the right. At the bottom is a baggie where I put small scraps that I give to Turbo.

So, that's what's on my wall. What's on yours?


Janet O. said...

Your wall definitely has more personality than mine does.

Carol said...

Great design wall! Shows lots of creativity going on! Do you have the selvage info on the fabric you used for labels for the child's clothing? Is that a larger hunk of it in the last photo? Love that. Would like to find some.

Synthia said...

Thanks for sharing!! I can see how you are able to keep so many diverse projects going all the time. You're amazing!!!!

Lori said...

Lots of planning and loveliness going on here!

Barbara Anne said...

Love the huge, hinged design wall you have to keep those ideas, pictures, patterns, blocks, note-to-self, sketches, and baggies all in one place. What bliss it must be to have a large enough sewing room to accommodate that size design wall, too.

My wee design wall is hard to get to and it slides side to side on a chalk rail type rest that DH attached to my fabric shelf. If I need to get to blue/green/pink/purple,black, or grey fabrics the board slides to the right. When I need reds, yellows, neutrals, stars, geometrics, or theme prints, I slide the board to the left. The only thing currently on the board is my one Swoon block and possible border strips for it.

I have serious design wall envy!


Kath said...

Hello Nancy, I arrived while while blog-hopping from Humble quilts.
I had a very pleasant visit and read several back posts. I was interested in your post about assisting children in need. A friend in my town gathers backpacks of pencils and stationary, soap, toothbrush etc so that African children can attend school. An inexpensive bar of soap or toothpaste slipped into a weekly grocery shop, doesn't make much difference at the check-out but means a child can go to school, clean.
I did enjoy looking at your quilts and I'm off now to read further back. It was nice to "meet" you. Kind wishes, Kath in England

cityquilter grace said...

simply mahvelous!

LizA. said...

Mmmm, lots of good stuff there. Love the l/e blocks but that b&w star -- ooh, that gives me a great idea.....I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has lots going on on the design wall.