Babies and More Babies

It started during dinner on Sunday; we were at my sister's and having a lovely catered meal prepared by a wonderful cook from our church; she had offered it for the Silent Auction at the Oktoberfest and I was fortunate to have won. Anyway, we had finished the crostini with goat cheese and chutney and also the individual beef Wellingtons with their delicious side dishes and were just about to begin the mixed berry cobbler when that unmistakable feeling in the head and sinuses began. A head cold was coming on. Came home and took cold meds and went to bed reasonably early (Downton Abbey and all, y'know) but woke up Monday with a full-fledged case of crud. Been nursing it with cold meds, naps, orange juice, and it doesn't seem to be getting any worse. But we shall see.

Himself says I seem to feel better and cough less when I'm sewing, and it just so happened that yesterday I had that baker's dozen Liberty dresses in a little pile (I like to do hand sewing in front of the TV), so I put them together in case one of the multiple expected babies is a girl. I suspect clicking on that photo will make it large enough that you can see the exquisite floral prints.

Today I did not believe that the kids at the school or their wonderful teachers needed exposure to the crud, so I stayed home, printed out a photo that had been on my Pinterest board for baby quilts, and got all of these blocks pieced and laid out, in between naps. I like it. A lot.

Have moved from antihistamine-decongestant tablets to Mucinex decongestant and cough control on the theory that a cough that doesn't begin is a cough that won't turn into bronchitis. Again, we shall see.

Planning another day at home tomorrow. Wonder what kind of trouble I can get into!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Feel better... you are one productive lady when you're under the weather. I love what your hands and heart have created! Hugs to you for restored health and crud-free days!
LizA. said…
Wow -- I wish I could be half as productive while I'm not feeling well.....I agree, love, love, love the plus quilt. The Liberty of London prints are just so sweet.
Janet O. said…
Your "sick day" sewing puts me to shame compared to a healthy day's sewing for me.
You do come up with very clever baby quilts, my friend.
Hope you are on the mend.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the quilts, the wonderful fabrics, and the happy patterns! Applause, applause!! Lucky mums and babies!

Sorry you're feeling bad. May I recommend TheraFlu lemon flavor as it really works well on these symptoms, tastes good with a tad of sugar or Sweet-n-Low, and it's lovely to sip the warm liquid, too.

I am impressed you accomplished so much sewing while you feel less than stellar. Happy healing!

Laura Chaney said…
Fingers crossed that you're on the mend. I ended up with bronchitis over Christmas and it was NOT fun. Feel better soon!
Synthia said…
The little dresses are adorable and of course the fabric is "over the top"!! What I call your Rainbow Crosses quilt is such a graphic and happy quilt any child would love it. You sure do good work for being a "sicky". Get well soon!!!