Tula Fassett?

When I was fooling around on my Pinterest boards the other day, I came across a couple of pictures I'd pinned because I liked the layout of the blocks in the quilts. I had a bunch of Tula Pink blocks in cool color Kaffe fabrics in a sweet little stack and decided to use one of the layouts for them. My idea was to go from dark in one corner to light in the diagonal corner. I think I did it.

One of the things I don't enjoy about quilt making is lining up the blocks into rows using lattice but no cornerstones. I dislike this so much that most of the time I add gratuitous cornerstones, making more work for myself. I was determined that for this little quilt I was going to skip the cornerstones. I devised a method that I couldn't possibly explain wherein after applying the short lattices between the blocks, I cut all of the long lattice strips to the proper size and marked with chalk where the intersections would occur. It worked! Of course, this is just a small quilt. I imagine it would work on a big one, too.

Upstairs, where I do handwork in front of the Netflix or television, I finished appliquéing a second group of Liberty dresses for a second baby girl quilt and needed some other handwork. I've got a stack of baby quilts either finished or in progress, and I'm not going to want to pay the machinist to do all of them, so I decided that the first Liberty dresses quilt will be hand quilted. Got it all sandwiched and began that work last night.

Meanwhile, my leader-ender blocks are thriving. The example quilt that I started with was done with Civil Wars of all colors. It was very beautiful. I thought I would use all varieties of my Kaffe Collective fabrics, but now that I have five finished, I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep the colors in the current range. Himself is an artist, and he likes to get out his color wheel and define the color combination that I use. I use a more instinctive approach. Here I'm going from reddish-purple-including-pink across to bluish green if you are using a wheel. Plus some grayish-but-not-brownish neutrals. These particular leader-ender blocks are surprisingly well-behaved. They are getting plenty of attention, and that seems to be warding off the usual demand to turn into a "real project."

This has been the most productive head cold I've had in a good while. And so far -- knock wood -- it hasn't gone near bronchitis!


Barbara Anne said…
Love your creations during your head cold and am amazed you could do so much wonderful, imaginative,and creative thinking, planning, and sewing with your head fuzzy. Applause!!

Wishing you WELL!

Janet O. said…
Well done on the block placement-and on lining up the blocks without cornerstones. That can be tricky.
I always appreciate a well-behaved leader/ender project.
LizA. said…
Well, aren't you just having way too much fun! I'm thinking I'm going to need to add some more Kaffe to my stash, I don't have nearly enough.