Cuter and Cuter

At 3-1/2-months, Sam is happier and more personable each time I see him. He's become quite proficient at saying "Goo," and is working at something that sounds like "P-Boo." "Goo," I think, must be the beginnings of "Gramma." If we put something into his fist, he can get it into his mouth. I think very soon he'll be able to initiate a grab himself.
. . . .
He likes to hear Grandpop intone "Old Man River," and his father's renditions of various national anthems. He likes anything that I sing. Either his musical taste is very eclectic or he is suprisingly diplomatic for one so young.


Quiltgranny said…
What a grin - aren't they fun at this age (and any other too!)?