Same Pattern, Different Fabrics, Part One

I thought it was time to publish some of my quilts and talk about them a little bit. "Whackie Girl" is a pattern I discovered last summer while on vacation. Actually, it was Joe who discovered it. We were at Chautauqua and he accompanied me on a run to the LQS. While I was waiting for my fabric to be cut, he came over to me with the pattern, saying that he liked it and thought I should buy it. Now, what quilter in her right mind would decline such a suggestion? (Rhetorical question)
. . . .My first Whackie Girl was made from Laurel Burch's Christmas fabrics. At one point the blades were problematic, but when that happened I was on retreat with the White Oak crowd and Honna, Marsha, and Helen quickly talked me back into sanity with a proposed revision to the pattern. It worked out well. I finished the quilt and gave it to Sherry for Christmas.