Guest Bloggist: Sherry Johnson, My Darling Daughter

So I had some time this evening while I was waiting to go pick up Cara at the airport (only 2 hours until she arrives!) and I decided to check our your blog. Nice updates. Then I thought I would try the “next blog” thing that you told me about. This was okay. I looked at a couple and then ended up at this one:
. . . .
The weird thing about that one is that the same font and a similar format as yours was used to set it up. But the subjects were things like “I popped a pimple” and “I want a f#$*ing schnoodle.” It was a weird feeling.
. . . .
I remember when I was a kid and used to see things that had been typed on a typewriter and my immediate first thought was “Mom wrote that.” Like the typewriter was your handwriting and I would recognize it in strange places before I realized that you didn’t write it after all.
. . . .
It was a similar feeling with this guy’s blog because I’ve never looked at anyone’s blog but yours until today. The first few that I looked at were completely different and all of a sudden it seemed like I was back at yours again. And I couldn’t imagine you posting anything about schnoodles or pimples.


Anonymous said…

You are definitely your mother's daughter. I mean that as a compliment. You write in a very similar style :-) I always enjoy your mother's musings and thoughts on life.
Kathy B
Yolo, CA