Feliz Cumpleanos, Viejo Verde

The quilt for Frank's birthday is finished. I'm pleased with the way it turned out.
. . . .
This afternoon I was a guest speaker for the second grade. They are working on their Pioneers Unit and I was invited to come and talk to them about quilts. They already knew pretty much about quilts. They knew that a quilt must have three layers and they knew that the pioneers made quilts out of their old clothing to keep warm. They even knew the names of some of the more common blocks!
. . . .
I took along two duffles of quilts to show them, explaining about pieced vs. applique and about tying, hand-quilting, and machine quilting as ways of holding the three layers together.
. . . .
I took Frank's quilt along and showed it to them and asked them to show me where the block was. At first they traced around the green squares. Then I told them that there were actually two different blocks, not one, that made up the quilt. They looked puzzled for a minute, but it didn't take long for them to identify the 36-square block and the green and tan hourglass block. It was fun to see how they marveled when they caught on.


Anonymous said…
Lovely quilt!
Kathy B
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed your story about the visit to the second grade. When DD#2 was in the same grade, I visited her class with a quilt, too. Took a bunch of half-square triangles with me too, and we had fun arranging them in different ways to make different patterns. Then I read them a book with a quilt theme (though I can't remember now what it was...)

Nice quilt.