Thursday Morning Dream

Thursday morning I dreamed that after I got out of the shower and came back to the bedroom in my robe, suddenly the Pre-K arrived! They were right there -- all ten of them -- in my bedroom, without their usual "May We Come In, Please?"
. . . .
While it is always nice to see the Pre-K , I was a little taken back and mentioned to them that I wasn't dressed yet and not quite ready to receive guests.
. . . .
That didn't bother them. So I got busy finding my underwear and my shoes and my dress and things and when I looked back at them, the room now looked quite a bit like the Upper School Lobby and the Pre-K had things strewn all over. Everything had millions of little pieces: Crayons and coloring books; jigsaw puzzles much too sophisticated for their stubby little fingers; Playmobil people, and blocks of all sizes and shapes. And they were happily occupied with their work.
. . . .
I was dressed by now, and I decided to just let them be. I went into the kitchen and got busy because I knew that with this load of guests, I was going to need lots of pancakes.


Don't you just hate to be woken up that way, even if it is in a dream?

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