Visiting Nicole

I've said many times that stash isn't my particular personal problem; rather, it is WIPs. Here's my newest WIP!!!!! It isn't stash, you see, because somebody else bought it and actually cut into it. So that would make it a WIP, wouldn't it? Come on -- humor me already.

Dear Nicole -- who has over the past couple of years has provided quite the inspiration for me -- has been having a sort of virtual yard sale. Because, you see, stash apparently is her problem (though she makes many references to WIPs as well). So she's selling off some stash/WIPs, and I was fortunate to purchase the fabric pictured above (photo lifted without permission from Sister's Choice blog). I just love it. I fondled it for quite a while last evening and sincerely predict that whether it is now stash or not, it will be a WIP before it even hits the shelf!

A good writer with a wonderful family and a dog situation that really no one deserves, she's one of the people I wish lived down the street. How I'd enjoy dropping in, Sophie or no Sophie. She'd pour me a glass of her son-in-law's good wine, shoo Ozzie off the chair so I'd have a place to sit, and settle in for a good long chat.

Go visit Nicole if you haven't before. I think you'll be as at home at her place as I am!


Karen said…
I love Nocole's blog too. I was the lucky puchaser of her cranberry Kansas Troubles fat quarters.

Enjoy the new addition to your WIPs.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I think this was meant to be, it has found a new good home.
AnnieO said…
Nicole has a great blog--I probably found hers through your own great blog! I have been following her sale but my problem is SPACE. I have nowhere to put more fabric, even though my stash is not large. Someday, though, I will have a sewing room....someday!
quiltmom anna said…
I am also a fan of Nicole's blog- she always has a great story to tell. I love her quilts too- she has had some lovely fabrics to sell- you bought some beauties Nancy- they are so spring-like and cheery looking.
Blogging is so much fun- I have enjoyed meeting so many terrific quilters and reading their stories.
Happy quilting - I am sure you will create a lovely quilt with them.
Nancy, there is a surprise waiting for you at our blog:
Nicole said…
Aw, Nancy you are such a sweet heart. Thank you for your nice words. I did love that fabric group, and how the colors worked together. I wonder what you will do with it? Can't wait to see!