Not-Quite-A-Mother's Day

I just finished making tomorrow night's dinner. Not for us, but for a young friend from work. The biology teacher is expecting her first baby at the end of May or the beginning of June and things have not gone according to plan.

Several weeks ago, high blood pressure reared its ugly head and Kristina was placed on modified bedrest and we scurried around to find a long-term sub to cover her classes. To add insult to injury, more recently, it was determined that the modified bedrest was not totally effective and she's now consigned to complete bedrest. People are astounded; of all people, Kristina was not a candidate for this type of thing. She's a healthy eater, has run a marathon, practices yoga, and dances. She's the absolute picture of health and wellbeing. And she's a biology teacher, fercryinoutloud.

The sunshine group rallied and committed to providing dinners three nights per week. And tomorrow is my night. So today I made a nice salmon pasta salad and corn muffins and some other good things and packaged them up for Andrew and Kristina.

And earlier today I finished the binding on the little quilt for the little someone, whenever s/he makes an appearance. I'd pieced the top with a couple of FQs left over from What Was I Thinking, and after hand-quilting the little quilt for the school auction, I decided to hand quilt this one, too. X's in the 9-patches, cats in the squares, and nice [pretty] straight lines on the borders. I didn't have enough of any of the fabrics left over for the binding, so I went to the LQS and was real happy with what I found.

Okay, little someone, it's time to join the party -- we're all waiting for you!


Helen said…
Nancy, you are a sweet woman.

Hugs and good wishes to you.
Such a wonderful thing you are doing for thoughtful and one less thing for her to worry about. The quilt is so cute!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
You are such a blessing, the quilt is precious and wonderful... :)
Lorraine said…
love the baby quilt....and how wonderful the everyone has rallied around to help....really restores ones faith in human nature! I hope all goes well for the rest of the pregnancy and the birth.

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