I'm a Winner!

Will you take a look at this wonderful, wonderful tote bag! Complete with jewel-studded tiara! Both exactly the right size for a certain young royal I happen to know, the Princess Caroline Thunderthighs, recently of ruffled capri fame.

Two Succulent Sisters (isn't that just the best name?) held a give-away recently. When the box came in the mail, I was so excited and when I opened it, the bag and tiara were even more adorable in person than they are in photo.

Check out their blog. It is all about precious and adorable, as Reberta is wont to proclaim. Their Succulences are majorly occupied at present with preparing a one hundredth birthday party for their monther. Who doesn't look a day over eighty. I swear. I suspect they'll be back to routine creating before long.

Meanwhile, I've got to consult the Princess's mommy to arrange a presentation date!

Her Royal Highness, The Princess Caroline Thunderthighs


Marydon said…
How lovely ... but that Princess is absolutely gorgeous. Have a beautiful day tomorrow.

TTFN ~ Marydon
dianne said…
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dianne said…
totally off topic, but i just left on comment on Kim's blog about borrowing your Betsy Gets Bold for a patriotic quilt i will make (someday) ... you wouldn't mind, would you? i think it is a great name.

i can't believe how mature your little Princess has become - she is a cutie!

yeah, that deleted comment was me - too bad "leave your comment" doesn't have grammar check
*karendianne. said…
OMG that's fantastic!!! Darling little princess that she is. I can't wait!
You are one of the few people who like the name two succulent sisters. WE took the name from the book Succulent Wild Woman by Sark which we read about 6 years ago. Everything became "succulent" meaning in part "wonderful". Gosh, you know what? I'm so used to using the word succulent I can't find a synonym for it! Wonderful, good, inspiring, creative, new.... etc.

Of course, our kids say it's not a good name...we need a name like "thimble sisters or two little ladybugs" ha hahaha

Take care, love your little princess.....