In Which I Resist a Clever Title

Spent yesterday morning cleaning up and organizing [most of] the sewing studio.  It's looking much better.  At least on the surface.

I found a whole bunch of 6" CW HSTs that I'd made earlier this summer.  Clearly with some project in mind that was so obvious that I didn't jot down any notes.  And now do you think I know what my intention was?  Oy.

So I moved into my new passion:  beltmaking!  A whitish one for me and one for Judy and one for my dear neighbor and a pink one for a little friend and then got started on the red . . . .   Oh, what fun!  And there are three more ready to be made as soon as I pick up some more thread.  They go quickly and are very satisfying to make.


Pat said…
tres chic! So very satisfying to finish projects in a single sitting. The fabrics are classic.
Anonymous said…
Glad to see your belts. Nick's girlfriend took two as samples and wants more. She said all her friends in S.F. wear this type of belt not only with jeans, but dresses. I am going to make her some wider (1-1/2 width) for the dresses. They are fun, easy, and quick!! Your CA cuz
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Belt making... what a cinch!
Thanks for your inspiration and the link to the tutorial, I decided this was a great project for my 6 year old granddaughter while she visited me last week. We cut her fabric 5 inches by 29 inches, the batting 1 1/8 inches, and used 1 1/4 inch D-rings. It is absolutely adorable with her little shorts!!!
I was wondering, what size D-rings are you using for the standard 5 1/2 inch cut fabric?
Michele Bilyeu said…
Oh, I used to love to make could I have forgotten? Darling belts and great recycling of bits and pieces! Isn't cleaning the sewing room the most satisfying thing? I get going and get lost in there for more reasons that one ;)