Sweet William

It was one of those swaps where I sent out a piece of  my fabric to each participant and gave her the specifications for what I wanted.  In this case, I sent out pieces of various William Morris fabrics that were predominantly green.  I asked people to use a white or WOW background and, if they liked, another color to coordinate with the Morris.  I wanted 12.5" blocks.  I think I received two dozen back, and the first dozen were made into a quilt a long time ago.  I found this remaining dozen this weekend and decided to do something with them.  They seemed to want some nice white lattice and border and I thought that some stars in the cornerstones would be nice.

I finished setting the blocks tonight and have been looking at the piece of white fabric that I have left to determine whether there is enough to make 6" borders.  There might be just enough.  Or there might not.  I need to do the math again when I'm not tired!

If I need to get more white, that's not a problem.  I'll just add it to the shopping list for Friday when my visitor and I go out to Lancaster County.  I'd like to get the top all finished this weekend.  Because I found another set of blocks from another swap that could use some attention.


wow they all go together so well.....