A Quick Visit

Tom, Anastasia, and Nate were in town for a very quick visit.

In this family, curls start from the back . . .

. . . and then spread all over.

Tom and Nate.

Aunt Anastasia reads a story.

Two out of three happy.

Three out of three plus Magnolia happy.


Janet O. said…
Love those little curlyheads and smiling faces--mostly!
Penny said…
Love the red hair and the curls. Looks like the smiles won out in the end.
Salem Stitcher said…
Well, there's three versions of wonderful hair and sweet faces - even in the two out of three photo...maybe not happy but still a sweet wee face!
Judy Bergeson said…
GORGEOUS Children!!! LOVE the red hair!!! and CURLS, wow!!! How is Neff? How are YOU? Miss you, Dear Heart. Love love Sycamore
antique quilter said…
oh they are adorable
must have been fun having them visit.