Recent Finishes

I have had some quilt finishes while I've been unable to blog, and I thought it was time to share them.

First up is the quilt for Justin and Tal's baby. I had made them a wedding quilt a year or so ago, and when I had fabric left over, something told me to go ahead and use it to make a baby quilt -- I just knew they would be needing one before too long.

Baby is due this summer and I think this quilt of bricks has turned out very nicely. I imagine that Justin and Tal will be very surprised when they see the fabric!

Recently I posted a baby quilt that I had called Lemonade. It was intended as a gift for a coworker, another one who does not have a contract for the coming year. Her first grandchild is due this summer also, and I wanted to make a quilt for the baby.

When she told me that the baby is a girl and, in fact, is the first girl to be born into her husband's family in seventy years, I knew that Lemonade simply would not do. She needed Pink Lemonade and I immediately got to work. This is made from the same nice yellow Kona as Lemonade, and assorted Kaffe and Kaffe-ish scraps. I'm going to give it to my colleague soon.

Finally there is the Mittens quilt. I had held this swap about five or six years ago, and had put the top together shortly thereafter and then it just kind of sat around. A couple of months ago, I took it to my machinist to work her magic. She actually quilted a mitten motif into the project. I put the binding on last week.

Ironically, my intent had been to hang this quilt in my office next December through February.


Ms. C said…
Love your quilts! And I'm so sorry about your job. I hope your creativity has helped keep your thoughts positive.
Janet O. said…
I've always loved brick quilts, and to have the baby quilt from the same fabric as the wedding quilt--very clever. Looks great.
Pink lemonade--I should say! First girl in 70 years--Wow!! Love this happy quilt.
By next December I'm sure you will have a perfect place o hang the mittens--whether in a new office or in your comfortable home.
Pat said…
That bricks quilt is quite nice. For such a simple pattern, it works up into a really stunning quilt. Using fabric from their wedding quilt is just so thoughtful and such a lovely touch.
I've see Pink Lemonade in person, and this picture does not do it justice. Sweet, pretty, and exactly the right thing for a very welcome little girl child.
Those mittens are so cute. Who would have thought we'd still need mittens on the day after the first day of Spring?
Bobbi said…
The Bricks quilt is quite Modern. And who wooda thunk, Nancy doing Kaffe!

So change happens and it is good. Look forward and remember you can change with the circumstances and it can be really really good in the end!
Strlady said…
Your quilts are all darling. I love that on the brick quilt you used the same fabrics that were on the wedding quilt. I think it makes it special beyond the fact that you made it for their little one.
Barbara Anne said…
I love each of these happy quilts and applaud your creativity!

What a special baby quilt you've made for Justin and Tals' new baby. Aren't you delighted to have thought of that?

Your co-worker does, indeed, need a pink lemonade quilt. How exciting for her whole family!

Your mittens quilt will certainly have a good place to hang in December whether in your home or some new office somewhere. Fret not!

Quiltdivajulie said…
Congratulatins on the finishes!! Each for a good reason - the mittens will look marvelous hanging where they are destined to be.
OT Quilter said…
Beautiful quilts, all. And there will be other walls.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I have mittens languishing as well, you put me to shame (LOVE the quilting on that one!!); I must finish mine up too. The pink lemonade is pretty and girl-y; well done, love that baby quilt made from leftover wedding quilt fabrics too; you are SEW smart!

Oh, by the way, I ducked and your snowball whizzed on by! ;)
Jindi's Cottage said…
Great fun for the new bubba to have a quilt to match the mummy and daddy's...liking very much Pink Lemonade...I"m sure the Mitten Quilt will have a home come December...
antique quilter said…
oh I love these baby quilts, both are adorable and great fabrics for the "girl" quilt just says happy.
The fabrics for the couple that wed a year ago, how special will that quilt be to them....that was so smart of you!!!!!!
Unknown said…
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