What's Happening Here, Near Philadelphia

Apparently I have been so Missing In Action that my absence is cause for concern.

You don't know how good that makes me feel.

With the unwelcome news that my job is coming to an end, my blogging mojo seems to have gone the way Marsha's sewing mojo went a while back. Fortunately, Marsha's has returned, so I have hope mine will, too.

Here's what is going on:
  • As you may recall, my job will end on June 30 (actually June 28) unless I leave before that. As we move closer to the end of the school year and all of the celebratory events that come with that, it is harder and harder to be present.
  • Hunting for a new job is a demoralizing experience. The process is so different from the last time I applied for a job (and let us not talk about how many years ago that was, actually). Everything is done on line in the most impersonal way possible. Monster.com is well named. It is "virtually" impossible to present oneself in person. I feel discouraged and close-to-hopeless much of the time.
  • However, here's what's good on this front: I have two excellent letters of recommendation and a third in the works. I have had a first-of-three-sessions with an outsourcing professional that the school is paying for, and the woman is phenomenal. I told her I wanted to work for her. I have a Stephen Minister (lay person trained in active listening) who I meet with weekly and she is superb at helping me deal with the vegetable soup of feelings that I experience. I have scheduled an actual interview with an employment agency for later this week.
Here is other stuff that is going on:
  • I'm not going to buy a new sewing machine, but was very appreciative of all of the input that y'all readers provided! I believe that I was just looking for something to make me feel better. My Bernina 1031 is still going strong, and if I end up unemployed, I'll have plenty of time to practice with the walking foot.
  • Our regular group (well, most of our regular group with one delightful ringer) spent last weekend at White Oak. I traveled out with Helen rather than Honna and since she and I are both in similar circumstances, we had good conversation and understanding. It was an excellent weekend and it is hard to think that there is a seven-month wait for the next one.
  • My family has been so supportive. My sister, niece, and daughter-in-law in particular have expressed interest and concern without being smothery.
  • I agreed to make a quilt for pay for someone. The fabric and design are not what I would have chosen, but I am doing a good job and it could turn out that I do more of this. I can't post any photos. I don't believe that the intended recipient reads this blog any more, but I don't know that for certain.
  • I'm reading more. I'm doing some hand-sewing/binding/applique. I have another little baby quilt, Pink Lemonade, finished and will share that soon.
  • I'm evoking another comment amnesty for the most part on past posts and will try valiantly, yet again, to be prompt with comment acknowledgment and response.
Thank you for sticking with me. As the proprietor of the Last Exotic Marigold Hotel reminds me, "Everything will be all right in the end. If it's not all right, then it isn't the end."


Deb said…
They always say things happen for a reason, I'm sure you can't see that now - I'm hoping and praying that it will all work out in the end.
howdidIgethere said…
"Mojo", I have found, does tend to get lost on occasion, but also finds its way back, in its own (sweet) time! Still, sometimes a little gentle push in the right direction can be useful! (Thank you WO'ers -- including you, Nancy -- for that MAJOR shove when I recently needed it!) I have faith that your blogging mojo will return too. Here's hoping that it is on its way (and that it is contagious, since I'm pretty far behind on my haphazard blog, too).

Barbara Anne said…
It's good to hear from you. I didn't want to bug you as you sorted thru all that's happening. Cheers for the support you've received and that you're sewing. Both are helpful to you inside and out.

Methinks if there is a whole 7 months to wait for the next retreat, might it be possible to circle the wagons and a few of you head out to be babied in some delicious ways?

Hang in there. We're with you!

Janet O. said…
Thanks for keeping us informed on your "current events". I have been wondering, but I also haven't wanted to be "smothery" (good word). Sounds like you have a good support system. I know that doesn't make it "easy", just makes it less lonely.
I wish I could be there to have a little getaway, but since I am not, I will do what I can--pray for you!
as chuck swindoll so often says, god isn't finished with us until we leave this earth....you are fortunate indeed to have so many resources and diversions to sail thru this...
Synthia said…
Sounds to me as if you are doing everything you can do about your "situation". Continue to take good care of yourself. You are a special lady.
suz said…
continuing to send you good thoughts and prayers; delighted to hear you have resources to help. I'm sure your blogging mojo will return before you know it. If you are looking for some delightful reading, try the Thursday Next stories. They are a bit quirky, but there are wonderful moments and lines throughout the stories that are a joy.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I loved that movie AND that quote.

Your job hunting experience is why so many of us (including moi) remain in our current positions depsite being bored / unhappy / treated like office furniture. The emotional/physical dread (read FEAR) of going out to market oneself at this point is overwhelming. I applaud you for your efforts (even though this situation was caused by others).

I seriously doubt that I could remain until the end of the year ~ you will know when "the day" arrives. Sending hugs and prayers for you during this unsolicited journey.

Through it all, you are displaying enormous grace. Whatever is in that vegetable soup you describe, no vile odor is wafting through cyberspace.

One step at a time - you will end up where you are supposed to be . . .

LizA. said…
What a great quote and I can honestly say, there is a lot of truth in it. Having been there, done that it was a long 3 years but now we are actually looking forward to a brand new home and new adventures.you never know what's waiting for you behind the next turn....
Tanya said…
I've been thinking of you and your job hunt. I can believe you when you say it is demoralizing. So many Japanese kids even can't find a job after graduating from college and there has been a deluge of depression cases. God leads and God makes the decisions.1140