Smitten with Spokes

Someone on Pinterest posted this photo of a most marvelous QIP*. I became smitten, "repinned," and went off to the source, a blog called Michele Made Me. Now I don't know Michele, and I don't know how much time I lost wandering around her blog, admiring her wonderfulness. But I do know I'm still smitten with her "baby boy quilt."

Thing is, though, she doesn't site a source for the pattern or explain how she made it. I'm going to try to figure it out. Or perhaps one of you, my readers, is familiar with the design and knows how it was done. Or could refer me to a pattern.

I could write to Michele to inquire. And perhaps I will. But I thought this quilt to be amazing enough that I wanted everyone to see it and join me in smittenness.

These days, I'll take any kind of smitten I can get. As I cope with the news of my job loss, I have bad days and worse ones. Yesterday was one of the latter. Today is a good day, partly because of this quilt and the possibilities it holds.

*Quilt In Progress


Brenda said…
that is fun! too me, it looks like half of a spider web. it's made the same way, except only one side of the web is sewn on those big triangles.
Annemiek said…
I was thinking "spiderweb"too.
Found a graphic drawing here:
If you ignore the outher "spokes" of the spiderweb drawing, you get something that should put you in the right direction.
And yes, the best disstraction IS pondering over a lovely quilt!
(btw the MIchelle blog is great for a few hours of getting your mind of things too:)
Janet O. said…
That is very fun looking, Nancy, but I have never seen a pattern for such a design. I know you could figure it out--or save yourself some time and ask Michele. : )
Bobbi said…
I think there are 3 different size spokes. Decide the finished size of the 4-patch block, cut a square of the background of the size for one of those blocks. For each of the 3 sizes of spokes, you will cut a square (the print fabric). Lay on top of one corner of the background and sew from corner to corner - as if you are making a Snowball. Trim, press out. now you have a square. Cut it on the diagonal. Now you have a pair of triangles with a spoke point. Make many of them. Throw them in the air and select 8 randomly and assemble into a 4 patch block, with the spoke at the center.

Do this with each of the 3 sizes of spokes you have made.

Voila. You now have random, scrappy spoke blocks.
LizA. said…
Sorry, but I have to disagree with Bobbi. Her method won't give you an octagon at the end.

Cut your half square triangles. I highly recommend starching all your fabric first because you are going to be handling them a lot. Choose 8 pieces and decide how big you want this octagon to be. Measure down from one point the same amount on one straight side and the bias side. Mark that distance and cut a straight line from mark to mark. Do this same measurement for 8 triangles. I would then place a string or crumb at least that size plus 1/2" over cut line and sew. Press half to strip and half to triangle, keep these 8 together and repeat with a different measurement for a different size octagon.
LizA. said…
P.S. you will note that when you mark those points and cut that line, it is not going to be parallel to the third straight leg of the triangle. You don't want it to be.
Unknown said…
Hi Nancy,

The quilt was finished by the way. Here it is:

Um, it's been a while since I made it. I will have to get back to you about how I did it exactly. So glad you like it though!

Take care,