Happy Stairs

When I went to the Mancuso quilt show a couple of weeks ago, one of the booths showed a terrific nap-size quilt made all from batiks. It looked like stairs. They were selling a pattern for the quilt. As sometimes happens, I looked at the quilt long enough that I didn't need to spend $10 or thereabouts for the pattern.

One of the terrific things about baby quilts, I think, is that they provide a nice opportunity to try something out, to experiment with a new technique, to play with a new and different block, without making a huge commitment.

So I decided to try to make a small version of the quilt I'd admired. Here's the finished top. I don't think a border would make it any more attractive of a quilt. I kind of like the implication that those stairs climb up before and after the quilt itself began.

So it will go in the pile to be finished when I lack handwork. It might be a baby quilt for the Baby Bureau. But then it might not: One of the women from the parish where I work is employed by the VA Hospital and she thought that some of the baby blankets that had been donated for the fair would also be nice lap covers for wheelchair patients.

So, we'll see . . . .


Janet O. said…
They are happy, Nancy.
And you are always happily making things for one worthy cause or another--or some deserving individual.
I love how your mind works. : )
Anonymous said…
I would love to know the "size" for the wheelchair lap covers. I have thought for a long time it would be great to make these for giving but have never happened up a proper size. Sure don't want it too big - it would just be annoying to all concerned, getting in wheels, a corner dragging the floor - you get the picture.
Barbara Anne said…
Cute!!! Love the colors and the happy "stairs". Well done on looking at the pattern long enough to just make it yourself!

I'd think the only reason to add a border or two is to make it larger - if that's needed. Like Mimi, I'd be interested in the size of the quilt as it is. Thanks!

Hope the weather there is pretty. We're having hot days again so that's no fair.

Anonymous said…
Very happy quilt for anyone. I often look at quilts that long, too. =)