Lake Anna, 2013

Andrew and Amy did the grunt work of finding us a house for Columbus Day Weekend, 2013. A seven-bedroom beauty was their choice; it had a table that could seat all fourteen of us for meals and two huge common spaces. It was perfect. A and A also did the organizing of who would bring what and who would be responsible for which meals. All beautifully done.

Unfortunately, the weather and my health were uncooperative. I started with a head cold the day we were scheduled to leave home (and it is still with me). And it rained every day. Most of the day.

We had a wonderful time being together, though, enjoying the big house, reveling in each other's company, and above all watching and playing with the children. I had bought new pajamas for all, and here they are following their Saturday night bath: (left to right) Eli, Nate, Aberdeen, Caroline, Sam, and Miles.


sooo cute, what a gang! you are blessed indeed...
Barbara Anne said…
Applause, applause for Andrew and Amy's skill in finding the perfect house for the lot of you so there was plenty of room, even with the rain.

The photo of the littles in their new pjs is just too sweet! It's wonderful they can get together fairly often to play and get to know each other while they're small.

Hope you're feeling better or have some helpful medicine to help you feel better.

suz said…
love this photo - they are all getting so big! what a wonderful treat!