Three Things

Three things I do not understand at all but seem to be very important to very many people:

1. Red velvet cake
2. Jelly roll race quilts
3. Zombies


I am with you, sistah! Maybe it is our age?? Of the three, I cannot decide which I think is the most goofy - a jelly roll race (because everyone I have ever seen looks horrid!) or zombies (for all the obvious reasons).
I'll have a slice of cake and leave the other two alone; never made a jelly roll quilt-don't care for the look of them.
pcflamingo said…
I did one JRR quilt and thought "MEH" - not impressed. Then I saw one done with one-color stop blocks at the end of each roll (they were black or some dark color that really set them apart from the jelly roll). That was less MEH-ish.

The Centers for Disease Control has a CUTE zombie-oriented novella to help people plan for emergencies (i.e. The Zombie Apocalypse or a hurricane, whichever comes first). Just in case you want to google such a thing.

And red velvet anything is YUM.
Janet O. said…
Can't recall if I have ever had red velvet cake, but I am with you on the other two.
I have only ever owned one jelly roll--was gifted to me. I am saving it for a planned quilt, not a race.
Pat said…
I've done 5 jelly roll strip quilts, although not as part of a race format. 3 were batiks, and they turned out quite well. The other two were Kaffe strips, and were wonderful. I like them when the colors blend/merge. I do not care for them as much when each strip seems to stand on its own.

Red Velvet cake does not do it for me either. It seems to be a regional thing. On the other hand, I LOVE scrapple, and there are lots and lots of people who don't get that.

Zombies? Not my thing, and I do not understand the fascination. There was a fellow at work, a few years back, who wore zombie makeup to work. TO WORK. He is no longer there.
Annemiek said…
I never ever had red velvet cake in my life. I know the term red velvet only as a sort of cloth.
I do not do jelly rolls and i hate zombies. They are disgusting.
I'm with you....
Nicole said…
I agree with you 100%. Red velvet cake? All that icky food coloring! Jelly roll race? Seriously, relax and enjoy the process of sewing. Zombies? Huh?
The red velvet cake would give me hives, big time. I have made one JRR quilt and wasn't impressed. As for zombies? Pulease.
suz said…
I have never had red velvet cake - it really doesn't look good, but then, I'm not a cake person (wish I could say that about so many other foods); I made a jelly roll race quilt with batiks - figured it couldn't go wrong and wanted to try it - it looked pretty but was an annoying technique...been there, done that; do not understand the zombie thing at all!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Moooooooooooooooooo ('nuff said)
Barbara Anne said…
I'm there, too, although a slice of red velvet cake every decade or so would be nice.

I don't like jelly-roll race quilts as they just hold no appeal for me, no matter what fabric is used. For that matter, I don't buy jelly rolls, biscuits, buns, or any other food names that are applied to precut fabrics these days. Now I DO have charm squares ...!

We do Halloween lite here with happy Jack-o-lanterns and nothing grim. No zombies, thank you.

I know I'm hopelessly out of touch, but my number 4 could be quilt kits. Why buy one?

AnnieO said…
No zombie love here, I can tolerate red velvet cake except for the stain on my sleeve, and I see no future for jelly roll race quilts in my sewing room. Three for three!
Nemo said…
Never tasted red velvet cake.. Am trying to find good uses for my jelly rolls.. and am terrified of zombies (but will watch, for instance, The Walking Dead with hubby - although have learned the painful way not to multitask or knit during the show..).