Patty, Patty, Who Are You????

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my young friend who is volunteering in India for three months, to help improve the lives of women in one particular city.

I wrote of a need for sewing machines, easily purchased in India for as little as $65. Many wonderful blog readers and Circle sisters and Facebook friends decided that they needed to help my friend, and the checks have been rolling in.

One reader, dear Patty, a no-reply commenter, asked for particulars as she wants to send money for a machine. But when I clicked her profile, there was no way to get in touch.

Patty, patty, please email me (my email is on my profile) and share your addy with me so I an help you help my friend to help Indian women.

Anyone else who feels moved to help with this effort, you're most welcome; if you email me I'll provide details on how to do that.