What's Cookin'?

This most splendid photo appeared on FB a few days ago.

It is Grandchild #4.

Happily Cooking.

And wearing his mother's apron that I had made for her a few Christmases ago.

It was the first of many aprons that I made from that particular pattern.

The wise and perceptive grandmother sees a need and addresses it.

This apron for Eli will go off in the mail immediately. There are cookies to be baked and left for Santa.


Janet O. said…
Looks like Eli will be one jazzy cook! : )
Karla said…
It is indeed a most splendid picture!
Millie said…
Outstanding photo, and the apron is perfect!
Synthia said…
What a wonderful grandmother you are. Eli will be very professional with his new apron!!
Patty Nordahl said…
I love the fabric for the new apron and yes you are a wise and inventive grandmother.
Anonymous said…
Very cute! I bought Amish-sewn quilted aprons for the granddaughters this year. I expect that you will see an even bigger smile on a photo with the new apron being put to use on more cookies!