Tying One (or Two or Three) On

After  the apron for Eli met with so welcome a reception, I knew I needed to make two more -- for Nate and Aberdeen, both of whom like to help their parents in the kitchen. I was able to finish Nate's by the 24th, and put the finishing touches on Aberdeen's this morning.

We had a quiet Christmas, due in part to a couple of developments impacting our extended family. Quiet, but nonetheless lovely. I worked the evening shift at the hospital and came home tired and sad to reflect on a couple of lovely families for whom Christmas will  never, ever be the same.

We'll be seeing our Virginia personnel beginning on Sunday; of necessity, blogging my slow down a bit.


Janet O. said…
What sweet little aprons for wee kitchen helpers.
I'd imagine your work can be very sobering at times.
LizA. said…
Dinos! How perfect for a little boy! Happy New Year to you and yours.
Barbara Anne said…
Love the aprons and their oh-so-perfect fabrics!! The wee kitchen helpers in the family will be feel so special!

Our Christmas was quiet but lovely, too, as we were without sweet AMIL for the first time.