SSCS 2014

I've been a participant in Chooky Blue's International Secret Santa Christmas Swap since the inception of this wonderful project. Each year I'm assigned a partner in another country (always Australia for me, as it happens). The exchange is open only to active bloggers, and my job is to follow the blog of the gal I've been assigned, learn about her and her family, find out what her tastes are and imagine what sort of gift would make her happy. Then my task is to make her an ornament and a gift. All of this without letting her know I've been lurking around!

All the while, someone else is doing the same for me!

Here are the lovely things that Kris (also from Australia) at Tag Along Teddies made for me! Look all al that lovely embroidery! Look at the cute pattern she sent for me to try out!

And look, please look, at this darling apron she made for me! I've made and given a lot of aprons; it is something I enjoy doing. I can't function at all in my kitchen without an apron. And this is the first time anyone has made one for me! Thank you, Jenny, so very much for your thoughtful and generous gifts.

Meanwhile, I gathered things to send to my partner, Jenny at Bird on the Border. I usually send some postcards and other information about the Lancaster County Amish to my partner, and I did that this year. I made an embroidered tree ornament and included a bit of chocolate.  And I made this apron for Jenny and also included in the package a little faceless Amish doll for Jenny's little granddaughter.

Thank you once again, Donna, for a wonderful exchange!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Just lovely!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas..........lovely gifts from Kris in the swap........and I know you apron you made for Jenny will get worn out from over work........
thanks for being part of the SSCS once again.........
Karla said…
Lovely gifts for lovely women. Nancy, you do some cool stuff. Really cool stuff!
Barbara Anne said…
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