Two Friends

It feels like quilty content has been meager of late. However, today is a bright, clear day Near Philadelphia and we hope to photograph some recently completed quilts that should appear on da blog soon. Picked up quilts from the machinest and have done a great deal of binding. 

Meanwhile, here is my favorite photo from Thanksgiving: Grandchild #6 and his good friend, Blackberry.


Janet O. said…
I enlarged the photo and loved the look of pure joy on little Grandchild #6's face! : )
AnnieO said…
Adorable! I did a binding today too :)
LizA. said…
awwww....2 very handsome boys!
Karla said…
I can see why it is a favorite of yours, it's the black crow right?
LOL! BTW, #6 is so joyful! and furry child is in heaven.

Barbara Anne said…
How did I miss this charming photo of your sweet grandson and the cuddly Blackberry? This is one Blackberry I'd like to have around but Grandchild #6 is clearly happily attached to him. There's little better for a boy than to have a 4-legged furry "sibling"!