Block Seventeen

I'm surprising myself by staying current with the Project 48 blocks. One of the participants asked me to show all of my blocks so far in one picture, so I put them up and they looked like this. I posted the photo last week and remarked that although there will be a total of forty-eight blocks in the series, I'm about ready to be done with the current theme, Word Salad.

The blocks finish at 9" and it seems to me that twenty of them with some nice lattice might make a cute snuggle quilt. We'll see when I get those next four done; it might turn out that I need to go to twenty-four blocks.

Here's this week's block. I knew I needed more of those nice sage greens, so I used them here and prolly will use them again next week. I might have had more contrast in this block, but as I said to the Project 48 group, most of the other blocks are so straightforward that I kind of like the idea of having to look at this particular block for a few minutes to see just what it's about.

For reasons you possibly can guess, I need to have the final name for this quilt chosen before I put it together. Word Salad is too reminiscent of You Remember Who for me to use it on this quilt, much as it's been a nice working title. I'm considering "You Don't Say"! and "Oh, My Word!" at this point and am completely open to your brilliant ideas. Please do share them.


OT Quilter said…
Your blocks look great. There are lots of idioms that are about words: "in so many words;" "in other words;" but you might also think of "print" as in "out of print," or "in print." When I think of "words," I think of the song from My Fair Lady that Eliza sings to Freddy which starts with, "Words, words, words, I'm so sick of words..." Not necessarily what you are looking for, but so many good songs in one musical, right?
Janet O. said…
No brilliant ideas here--just a handful of mediocre ones.
Not Another Word, Words Fail Me, Verbosity, A Way With Words, Letter Carrier
Barbara Anne said…
Love your blocks and the wonderful variety of witty phrases that have been suggested for this quilt's name.

How about "People Will Talk"? "Say What You Will"? "Talk Softly and Snuggle In" (we just watched Ken Burns' The Roosevelts)? "You Say the Nicest Things"?