Build A Barn, Part Three: Update on Bonnie, Giveaway Winner

I was touched by how many of you expressed concern and good wishes for my sister. The accident was in late December of 2014, nearly a year and a half ago. Bonnie spent several months at home with her back door uncharacteristically unlocked to allow for regular and frequent visitors. She was feisty in her efforts to obtain a full recovery, and she succeeded. The latest Fitbit report shows me that last week she put down 77,062 steps.  I wouldn't be surprised if next week she told me she was taking up mountaineering.

I love this close up of the quilting that Chris did on my barn and really am eager to see it "live." I had pieced the sky with stars here and there, and look how Chris quilted the stars amidst the clouds!

Here's the book one more time. And here's the link to the SSOBB page because you prolly should see the diverse and gorgeous barns that the other members built.

This week as I've been thinking about the whole experience of the SSOBB, an out-of-the-barn notion occurred to me: I could use Julie's technique to build a church! The more I think about it, the more I warm to the idea. A summer project, perhaps.

My own earliest barn experience came from when I was a little girl. My grandmother would spend a few weeks visiting her brother who lived on a farm in Maryland. When it was time for Nana to come home, our family would drive down to pick her up, my sister and I in the back seat looking for the sequential letters of the alphabet on signs we passed. Once we'd arrived in Rising Sun, Bonnie would go into the farmhouse to inspect Florence's collection of pitchers for new additions, while I'd head straight out to the barn to visit the cows.  There were usually a dozen or more gorgeous girls with the bull all alone in a pen at the far end of the barn. Perhaps that's where/how the whole COW thing began!

As I said earlier in the week, there's a give-away of one copy of Julie's book, direct from the author, for one of you wonderful commenters. Kat Scott, listen up! It's you, who wrote: "The striped siding on your barn is perfect! Well worth the pain it may have caused in the construction process... I spent my tween and teen years in the country with sheep, horses and pigs. The barn was a haven while I was growing up. I have often thought of doing a "geography of my life" type of quilt with the houses and barns I remember, hopefully the book will provide the techniques and tools I need! "

Email me your postal mailing address and I'll send it along to Julie who will directly mail you your book. And I want to see your first barn! Really!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Fabulous post !!! And congratulations to Kat! I agree - please share your work with us.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Great post, awesome barn!