A Modest List

As far back as I can remember, I've been a list-maker. I don't always get everything on the list completed, and I've been known to pad my task lists with some fun stuff just for the joy of crossing it off. I do love to make lists: task lists, grocery lists, reading lists, sewing project lists, lists of lists, even.

Today is the first day of two weeks that the school for autistic kids will be closed for the end-of-summer break. Two weeks that I don't have to set an alarm even once. Two weeks to fill as I please except for one 24-hour hospital shift this coming Saturday.

It's early in the day of day one, but I do honestly believe my back has reached the 91% mark. I didn't have any trouble at all sitting at the counter for breakfast and a few minutes ago I reached/bent to plug in the laptop since I was nearly out of power and didn't cringe a big.

So, with all of that in mind, I hereby set forth a modest list of goals for these two weeks:

  • Machine quilt AND bind the political quilt.
  • Machine quilt OR tie AND bind the YBR charity quilt for the Baby Bureau.
  • Make the hanging sleeves for the two quilts that were accepted into the PhillyMod exhibit at Oaks!!!!
  • Clean up the studio.
  • Try that fantastic-sounding fish recipe.
  • Get Blind Man's Fancy ready for the Quilter.
  • Get Word Salad ready for the Quilter.
  • Finish reading the book club book.
That seems like [more than] enough.

Oh, and remember this picture?  

Himself has agreed to accompany me to school and help hang nails and twine for me to have this odd "bulletin board" in my little office! Better add "order the cute clothespins" to the list!


Barbara Anne said…
How marvelous to have two whole weeks (minus that 24 hour shift) to do as you please and for paper on which to write your lists to keep you mindful of what you want to do during this time. Joy!!

Cheers that your back is up to 91% better!

Hugs from one list-maker to another!

Quiltdivajulie said…
Here's to that 91% mark!!!
I absolutely LOVE that bulletin board concept. I would have used there where I used to work! I used to make lists when I worked. I lived by them. Now, I don't make "To Do" lists so much as "remember" lists which I guess really ARE to do, lol. As an example...through the winter I saw plants or shrubs here and there on the web that I wanted to look into when planting season started so I listed them on my May planner. Worked out great.
xx, Carol
Janet O. said…
I can SO relate to the first paragraph of this post!! : )
Wonderful news about the progress of your back healing. Sounds like you have decided it has had enough rest.
Love the quirky bulletin board. I display Christmas cards during the holidays in a somewhat similar (though admittedly more orderly) fashion.
LizA. said…
Yay! for you. Now, keep that list moderate and whatever you do, don't overdo it. BTDT and it's definitely not fun.
Tanya said…
All in two weeks time?! Wow! I had two weeks also but I don't know where the time went...
LoieJ said…
I make lists, but I don't follow them too well. Too distractible. My good friend has some lines in her living room for hanging her seasonal art and decorations. This is so much easier than having to figure our nails and hanging devices. She changes the look at least 4x/year.