Olympic Memories

Four years ago I was immersed in a swap of little people and I particularly enjoyed inventing lives for some of them. Like the fellow on the far right; wearing his Liberty of London shirt, he and his partner are antique dealers. This was before they were allowed to marry; I bet they've taken care of that by now.

Since the Olympics were on (and that's what got me to thinking about these people, the upcoming Olympics, I mean), I made Gabby Douglas in the middle; she looked stunning in her purple outfit, and Usain Bolt on the left -- remember how we all loved him? Both are sporting their medals.

And here, on the left, we have another nice gentleman in a shirt with teensy weensy buttons. But next to him, on the right, is that absolutely gorgeous British swimmer in the microscopic Speedo, Tom Daley (be still, my heart). I didn't put a medal on him, but I did french-knot a cute little belly button though I don't think you can see it.

I'm very much looking forward to the Olympics which will officially begin in just two days. Since I'm still pretty much confined to a recliner during the day due to this dratted back spasm, at least I'll have something wonderful to watch on TV. I wish I'd been able to have quilts ready to bind, which had been my Olympic custom for many years, but that's not to be this time. My sister, however, came over last night and brought a project she'd been hand quilting before her arthritic hands rebelled, a project that I'd long admired. Said I could finish it and keep it.

Just wait 'til you see it.

If this post is a bit incoherent or garbly, blame the pain meds and muscle relaxers. Please.


Quayquilter said…
Sympathise with the back - I came back from Berlin in a wheelchair as despite pulling my back I used my 3 day museum ticket with the result I couldn't walk as the nerves in my thigh and leg also became affected. So keep taking the pills and having a rest.
Get well soon and I saw some little people inspired by mine on a mini retreat I went to recently!