Odds and Ends Again

Well, the back is approximately 89% better. That last 11% is taking its own sweet time. I still sleep a lot (though I've used up all of the muscle relaxers), take pain medicine, and at this point have been stuck on Level 85 of Toy Blast for a couple of days. Once I'm at 100%, I tell you, this game is history. I did feel okay to do a couple of loads of laundry, and today I baked a batch of cookies because someone special is preaching at church tomorrow and I was in charge of coordinating the reception. I hope she likes peanut butter. If not, well, I do.

Since people have liked the miscellaneous things I've unearthed in the computer, here are some more. With any luck at all, these will be the last and I'll soon be back to posting nice quilts and cows and, well, you know . . . .

Nearly two years ago I visited The City Quilter (and spent part of a most wondrous day with my friend Emilie, but I digress),  and took this photo of this bag that I admired. It's so simple, really, just a nice plain tote bag someone made and added pretty handles, and made a grid and sewed on some terrific buttons. I kept thinking I was going to try to make a bag like this, but I haven't, and now The City Quilter is closing. I still think it would be fun to make this bag. It would also be fun to spend another day with Emilie.

Admittedly, this is an odd photo. And I can't remember where I got it, prolly from Pinterest. I thought it would be a nifty way to hang stuff on the wall near my desk at work. I'm going to try to get Himself to help me get it started before the new school year begins.

No explanation needed here, I think. But Helen will like it. And so will some others.

Actually, this one is kind of representative of me right now. Perhaps I'll make it my FB profile picture until that final 11% is accomplished!

Again, no caption needed. But isn't it great!


Barbara Anne said…
Cheers for the 89% and am joining Karla in pulling for that last 11%! Don't hesitate to ask for a refill on the muscle relaxers if you need them.

I never got to go to City Quilts but am sorry they're closing. I love that wonderful bag!

LizA. said…
Don't know why that last bit of healing always feels like it takes the longest amount of time -- hope it happens soonest.

Neat idea for the tote but I can see myself getting those buttons caught on everything -- I'm just that way. So sad to hear that yet another shop is closing.

The cartoons -- where do you find them? Love them both.