Odd Week

It's been an odd week Near Philadelphia. Eleven days ago I awoke with a back spasm, the first (and with any luck the last) of my entire life. Two days in, I was seen by a PA in the ER who put me on pain meds and muscle relaxants. A few days ago I saw my family doctor who gave me some exercises to try. I'm glad to report that -- although I am not my regular self -- it is all somewhat improved. I no longer take the muscle relaxants during the day, I can drive short distances, and can almost foresee the day when it is over. 

My friend Vetch once had a terrible illness and she told me it had made her a better pastor because it gave her a new understanding of what some of her parishioners were going through. Perhaps this will make me a better hospital chaplain. 

I've spent more hours in a recliner during these eleven days than the entire rest of my life.Here are some of the things I've done during this Recliner Spell:

  • Spent entirely too much time on Facebook
  • Subscribed to The New York Times on line because I felt like Huffpo was starting to look too much like The National Enquirer
  • Read a great deal of The New York Times on line and the paper copy delivered on Sunday
  • Watched some Olympics and snarled at the quantity of commercial interruptions
  • Took a vow not to post anything political on FB or to comment on anyone else's political posts for the duration of the Olympics
  • Completed the acrostic in Sunday's Times
  • Temporarily stopped following on FB a couple of people whose political stuff was beyond offensive; now giving them another chance
  • Played a FB game called Toy Blast, reaching Level 72 and giving up because the stages with ice that melts and reforms make me hyperventilate
  • Ordered and received some very nice clothes for autumn from Gudrun Sjoden
  • Done some hand quilting on a project my sister began and cannot finish
  • Cleaned off the Desktop of my Laptop, putting all kinds of things in a newly created folder called Desktop Stuff
  • And in the process of that last, discovered these gems that I now shall share with captions only as needed:

My friend Pat posted this photo and I really think I would like to make something like this out of my scraps. Apparently so do a lot of other people Pat and I know.

SEVERAL people sent me this clipping of side-by-side dueling obituaries. Worth clicking to enlarge.

Yeah, yeah, CW fabrics, but what a great design! Someday.

Multiple Project Disorder, in case you didn't guess.

Yes, a rubber chicken in a wine glass.

I'd love to do something like this. Soon, too.

And during all of this time, my daughter and her family are on vacation you-know-where. Love this photo of Sam!


Chris Johnson said…
You're right. The obits were worth reading. RIP "Blast"
sewengel said…
I also had the same issue a few years ago and was diagnosed with arthritis in my back. The exercises will help and it will get better and you will get used to it. Best wishes. Sharon in Colorado.
P.s. I'm the one who could read your shorthand a while back.
Janet O. said…
I feel your pain. My Mom, older sister and I have had those types of spasms--sometimes to the point of being bedridden for a week.
Loved the list of your recliner chair activities--especially what made you hyperventilate. : )
The Q & A made me laugh.
I really like both of the scrap quilts you posted--even in CW fabrics. *LOL*

Shasta Matova said…
I've had back pain like that and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Glad you are feeling better and hope that you feel back to normal soon and don't ever get it again! I've found ancestor who had obituaries in two different newspapers that had different information like this one. That's the only one I found though. I hadn't thought that there would be two in the same paper, much less the same day.
Barbara Anne said…
Sorry to hear about your unwelcome pain but am glad you're on the road to recovery. Being laid low for a while does give you (and me, lupus fatigue) a new perspective on what others may be dealing with.

Loved the no-explanation-needed pictures you found while recliner-bound. The star quilt is just wonderful as is the strippy scrap quilt. Sam looks like he's off on a happily imagined adventure. What fun!

Wishing you well!

Hugs (gentle, of course)
yes i agree, that scrappy is worth filing away...sorry to hear you are sidelined, no fun for anyone and downright torture for those of us who sew/quilt...this too shall pass...
Anonymous said…
Hope your back continues to improve. My husband and I had a good chuckle over the cartoon of Beethoven's Ninth.
The cw quilt is great......
Take care of yourself.....
Tanya said…
Oh dear... Glad to hear you are on the mend. Love that quilt of your friend, Pat's! It seems a simple pattern but think of all the scraps and strings that could be used up! Why can't I think up something like that.
Quiltdivajulie said…
What a marvelous assortment of gems -- thanks for sharing!!! Rest well and recover fully!
OT Quilter said…
Ouch! I hope you are on the mend soon. Thanks for the great assortment of "fun things we bookmark while spending entirely too much time net surfing." I especially loved the dueling obits--some family drama in there. While you're reading the Times, don't forget the obits--there are some real treasures to be found.
Blog FastCare said…
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The scrap quilt posted by your friend, Is there a name for it, Pattern??? Hope you feel better soon.