Halo, Halo, How Do You Do?

As mentioned in my last post, I have decided on my next long-term project. My friend Bobbi has been working on a Halo quilt (Jen Kingwell, designer) and I like what she's doing. It's a nifty pattern and meshes well with my relatively newly discovered fondness for hand piecing. Not to mention how compatible it is for my immense quantity of scraps!

So I've ordered a pattern. And a template set. They are coming all the way from Oz, and should be here before too long.

Sharon also got sucked in admired Bobbi's Halo, unbeknownst to me, and our friend brought each of us into a loop with the thought that we could exchange body parts. We thought that was a grand plan.

The quilt is mighty complex. I thought I'd show you a single block, so here it is. Sharon and I will begin by sharing fussy cut center squares. 

We've each developed a "recipe" beyond that. Mine is tentative, contingent on my making a sample block once the templates arrive.

I'm thinking:

1.    Fussy cut centers.
2.    Solids surrounding center, one solid per block.
3.    Text prints for the strange areas beyond the surrounded center.
4.    Blacks for the halos.
5.    Assorted wonderfulnesses for the quarter circles within the halos.

I really will need to make a sample block because if it turns out that the black is too intense, I'll want to use various dark fabrics instead.

Wish us luck!


Robby said…
I'm excited to see this one. I've admired this for a long time and find myself looking into the rabbit hole of that hashtag on IG from time to time.
Barbara Anne said…
What a great, but complex pattern. I'm glad you have two friends who are making this quilt as you three can hold hands if things get too difficult. :)

Good luck to you three!

oooh love jen kingwell patterns...working on 'midnight at the oasis' now...
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Oh, I LOVE this and will be eager to watch your progress!
Lynn Dykstra said…
Love this. I have been interested in exploring curved piecing lately.
Janet O. said…
This is fascinating. I look forward to seeing your creation grow, and I really like the idea of the fussy-cut centers.