Halo Progress Report

I've been working steadily on Halo and am liking it. The blocks are not in their final positions. And I haven't taken that one trial block apart yet. I have a long ways to go. Hand-piecing, I can nearly complete one full block in an evening in front of the television. I've done so much thimble-less piecing that my phone currently does not recognize my thumb print and I have to enter a code to use it! I haven't touched my machine in a couple of weeks.

That will change this week. Our LQS is sponsoring their second annual quilt drive for refugees and immigrants and I'm wanting to make a quilt to donate. 

I have two friends who are making Halo quilts and one more friend about to jump in. We're enjoying cutting and exchanging various elements of the design. We call them Body Parts.


Quiltdivajulie said…
Such an interesting mix of fabrics in your Halo blocks - body parts ha ha!
Nann said…
I keep thinking of Halo Shampoo. I recall the jingle but since I was just a tyke I had no idea -- until I just now looked it up -- that it was sung by Peggy Lee! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEgpFeil4V4
Barbara Anne said…
Well done on the Halo blocks progress. They're looking good!

I admire all who have the energy to make quilts quickly as you plan to make this donation quilt. I'm slower than molasses in winter and that's annoying, but the fabric waits for me.

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Your body parts have never looked better! This is both inspiring and compelling~ I love the pattern. "Halo" shampoo-- I haven't thought of that product in decades!!
Janet O. said…
I really like what I am seeing here. Body parts--ha ha.