Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Oh, my, did this week ever get away from me! I'd planned to draw the name of the giveaway winner on Monday morning and somehow that never happened!

I did, however, get the name drawn this morning and it is Angie who blogs at The Thread Catcher, and writes: "Kaffe fabric masks have to be just gorgeous! I have never had any Kaffe to use in a quilt, but if I had, I would certainly have made a mask from it."

Angie, darling, please send me your mailing information. And if you would also like a few assorted Kaffe scraps in that packet to use on some sort of a project or another, say so, and I'll include some.

In other news, this image has been all over Facebook this week, all over my emails from fabric shops, and prolly all over bloggerville. It's a new BOM called "Nebula" by Tula Pink.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I think so. And it would prolly be fun to make and the kind of long-term project I have been doing lately. 


(1) We all know my history with BOMs.


(2) As interesting as doing this project would be, and as fond as I am of Tula's fabrics, I don't want to make a quilt that's indistinguishable from a bazillion others. 

So I'll just ooh and aah over the ones others make, and prolly have twinges of regret. But they won't be serious twinges, I believe, because I've found my next long-term project. And I'll tell you what that is tomorrow because this post, really, is long enough.


Barbara Anne said…
Congrats to Angie on winning the mask give-away! I read on a Scottish blog that they're ending mask wearing and such there. That seems premature to me.

"Nebula" is a treat to look at, but I agree with you that there is no sense in making a quilt that will be identical to many, many other quilts. That is why I never, ever buy quilt kits.

I look forward to seeing what project you're about to begin.

Wishing you well!

Hugs :)
Nann said…
It's a beautiful quilt -- maybe you can let it inspire you to make something with diamonds that won't take forever (to riff on the Bond title).
Robby said…
When I put in a lot of time and effort on a project, I just don't want it to look exactly like a hundred others. I finally figured out this is why I'm not really big on kits, however appealing the concept or finished project may be. Looking forward to seeing what you ARE going to be doing.
Janet O. said…
Congrats to Angie.
That is a very eye-catching quilt, but I get the idea of not wanting to make something that is like all the others.
Can't wait to see what has caught your attention for your next big project.
Quiltdivajulie said…
SUCH a wise decision - to watch and enjoy the bazillion iterations made by others. I'm pretty sure you could take a similar design and do it YOUR way at some point in time.
Nemo said…
I'm joining the Nebula BOM, my first "real" BOM (at least in a very, very long time). I blame the COVID-19 and the staying at home for all these months *giggle* I just need something different than everyday life, working from home - and even though the first pattern won't be sent out until January 2021, it's something to look forward to. Now, I have a drawer full of started or unfinished quilts and projects I need to finish first, before this first block arrives. Kind of my reward for completing ad tidying up, I guess.

Looking forward to seeing your project. :)