Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 T

Why, yes, thank you, I have done a bit of sewing lately.

I'm doing the binding on a charity quilt that my sister made. I've completed a couple of table runners.

And I've begun to put the Little People quilt together -- not in the lay-out shown in the photo from October, but rather in rows with pale grey lattice and slightly less pale cornerstones. When it is all latticed, there will be a narrow pink containment border and then more pale grey. Aberdeen is one-year-old and sometime in the next couple of years will need to move to a Big Girl Bed, and, by golly, I mean to be ready!

And then there's this Kaffe dress for Caroline. Size 5 T. I do believe KarenDianne would say it is "stinkin' cute."


Linda K said...

Lucky you, to be able to make a 5T dress! And lucky Caroline, too, who gets to wear it!! Took me back to the corduroy jumper I made for my daughter so long ago. It was red, white, and blue with Raggedy Ann and Andy. ( BTW, my word verification is horse-dung LOL)

Janet O. said...

How many little girls do you know who are lucky enough to wear Kaffe?
I'm really curious to see the layout you described for the Little People quilt.
Now you are sewing because you want to, not because you feel driven to "produce", I hope. : )

LizA. said...

Stink in' cute--what a fitting description.

Barbara Anne said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! How cute is Caroline's new Kaffe dress? Don't you wish we grown ups could wear such sweet, loose, comfy clothes?

I'm interested in the Little People quilt, too, and admire you're being so ahead of the need. Well done!

Cheers for having the time and the energy to play with your fabric!


Quiltdivajulie said...

She is one lucky little girl!!

Glad you are stitching and sewing . . .

cityquilter grace said...

sooo adorable, brings back memories for sure, though my girl didn't have any kaffe fassett dresses....love his fabrics!

Pat said...

Nancy, what pattern is this? For anyone who is wondering, I've seen this dress in person and it is double stinkin' cute, and quite well made, with binding around the armscye even! Lucky little girl!!