Not Quite Yet!

I had said a couple of posts ago that my next post would be about the new chapter in my life. Not so. And again, alas, not so.

Because I finished this little quilt yesterday and wanted to share it. Not a great photo -- I think you can click to enlarge it.

One of my Circle sisters from church has a granddaughter who was born with some heart defect(s) and has spent more of her little life inside the hospital rather than at home. She is finally doing well and it appears that this is the path she is following. I made this quilt for her to have when she comes home to stay. I'd shown the top previously, some time ago, before it was designated for Lily. I hope to deliver it to Lily's grandmom this week.


Barbara Anne said…
What a lovely quilt for little Lily! I hope and pray Lily can come home for good soon so she can be cuddled day and night by her loving family.

DS2 was born at 26 weeks, weighing just 2lb 3oz. and was in the hospital for his 10 weeks until he weight 4.5lb and was allowed to come home. I understand some of the worry and wishing Lily's family is enduring.

Synthia said…
Such a pretty soft and feminine.....a lovely gift!