Four More (Well, Not Quite!)

Oh, my, I can't believe I was surprised to see this quilt in the quilt-photos-to-organize folder! I made it for Sam, apparently quilt a while ago, because I'd totally forgotten making it. I love the bright colors, and the different size nine-patches.

As the oldest grandchild, he'll prolly always have more quilts than the others. 

Truth be told, I don't know how many I've made for him!

This is a baby quilt with the fabrics chosen more for the mother's taste than for a baby. But I have always loved it.

It's made from older William Morris fabrics, and the block is Louisiana, a block I never seem to tire of making. Just laying them out side by side creates the most wonderful design! That baby Henry must be about ten years old by now. I've lost track of him and his parents.

This quilt has a nice story. There used to be a shop proprietor in Bird-In-Hand who put together the most terrific packs of fat quarters. She mixed several different lines so that her packs all went together beautifully but weren't matchy-matchy. I bought two aqua and milk chocolate packs and started making this top, with no idea at all what its final destination would be. After the flimsy was finished, we were invited to spend an evening with some friends who had just done some redecorating. To my delight and amazement, the family room was all milk chocolate and aqua! So I finished the quilt for Dottie.

No, this isn't a quilt or even a top yet. I had a fantastic couple of FQ bundles of hand dyes that I bought from Milly Churbuck before she retired. When I was early into my Basket Period, I determined that these needed to be made into an Amish-looking top. So I worked hard on these baskets and laid them out and even sewed them all together.

And when I looked at the finished flimsy, one of the blocks didn't belong. The yellow that I'd used just didn't go with the subtlety of the other colors. I fussed and fumed and wondered if I could learn to live with it. Eventually, I took it out. This was perhaps four years ago. And I don't know whether I have enough of Milly's hand-dyes left to make a replacement block!

Now that's a story I'm not at all proud to tell. But I bet some of you might have similar confessions . . . . :-)


Quayquilter said…
I've made a note of the Louisiana block, an unfamiliar one to me. I think the yellow basket might be quite a filip if it was left in and I take my hat off to you for pursuing so many of your quilts to a finish.
Barbara Anne said…
Oh, goodie! Another quilt show!!!

These quilts are wonderful and each is so interesting!

I think I've never seen the Louisiana block bur like the border the half blocks make.

Yes, I've had blocks or parts of blocks that had to go because they screamed for all of the attention. I hope you have enough of some hand dyed so you can make a 4th block that satisfies you more. The yellow basket block could stand alone as a pillow or in the center of a medallion wall hanging.

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I love this... confessions and all. Oh, the stories our quilts can tell about (and on) us, this is our history... through fabric. And yes, you're right, Mason will prolly always have the most quilts from Nana!
Janet O. said…
I'm enjoying the journey through your quilts.
I think my only granddaughter has the most quilts. The grandsons have equal amounts, I believe.
One day those baskets are just going to inspire you and you will finish something wonderful with them. : )
sue said…
I love seeing all these quilts. Gives me ideas. It sounds like you're getting so much more done now. That's a good thing!
LizA. said…
Thanx for sharing these "oldies but goodies". The stories are almost better than the the quilts. What fun it must be for you, strolling down memory lane and seeing where you've been and where you are now with your quilting.
AnnieO said…
Enjoying getting the backstory on some of these beautiful quilts! I need to glean and weed my photo folders too--all my quilt photos are in month folders and completely non-conducive to easy location!
old or new it's nice to see your quilts.........