Post Number 1600

I looked for a number 1600 that looked festive. I didn't find one. So I looked for celebration photos and thought fireworks are almost always appropriate.

Seven years and 1600 posts. All begun as a sort of a journal for me, and maybe someday for my grandchildren.

And what has happened has been friendships with wonderful people from all over the world who read my blog and leave comments (or just lurk -- Hi, Linda!!!). Wonderful people who have rejoiced and commiserated with me as the occasion would suggest, who made cow blocks for me a couple of years back. Nearly five years ago, when my husband experienced a sudden heart attack, the outpouring of prayers and good wishes from people who neither of us had ever met was overwhelming.

Thank you.

For my celebratory give-away, I asked readers to tell me their favorite color and suggested I would send a gift package that would include a mug rug in that color. I had such fun reading the comments!

After determining that red was the favorite favorite color, with 14 people liking it best, I drew a name from the red group and it is Kathie who is Inspired by Antique Quilts. Kathie, please email your snail mail address to me so I know where to send your gift.

Then I thought that since purple is my favorite color, I really should do a purple mug rug for someone and drew out the name of Gretchen, who blogs at Stella Bella and has gorgeous cats. Gretchen, I'll need your address, too.

Tomorrow my dear blogless friend Helen and I are going to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. I'll see what I  might find in red and purple to include in the packages that will be sent out as soon as the rugs are finished, hopefully within a week.


antique quilter said…
well how exciting is this!!! thanks Have fun with your day out with Helen too!
suzan almond said…
Congrats on your staying power - from another 'lurker' called Suzan.
Deb said…
Congrats to the winners and to you too for 1600 posts.
Janet O. said…
Lucky ladies! And congrats to you, Nancy. Your posts are always interesting--often entertaining, and usually thought provoking. It has been a great journey so far, and I only joined in 2 years ago--about the time the COW blocks were being assembled. Did you put a quilt together with those?
Gretchen said…
I'm setting off fireworks here for you and 7 years and 1600 posts (and a couple for me for winning heehee!) I will do my best to make sure there is always a mug on my rug so the cats don't sit on it instead. Thanks so much!!! Enjoy your day out!!!
Enjoy your day with Helen. If you make it all the way to Lancaster County I may run into you! Congrats again on one of my all time favorite blogs!!
Lorraine said…
1600 posts and counting...what a great journal!Fireworks are always appropriate for a celebration..... Nothing like some retail therapy with a friend! Enjoy!
Linda K said…
Wow, 1600 posts- Congrats! I haven't been reading for 7 years, but I sure haven't missed many since I discovered your blog. You haven't had a COW post in a while, but I do enjoy those when they're needed. They are always spot on. Hope the new job is going well. Did your celebration shopping day take you to Lancaster County ( one of my favorite places)?
pcflamingo said…
Congratulations one and all! I feel like we should put sparklers in our shoes and do a happy dance :D
1,600 congratulations and at least that many good wishes for 1,600 more.
Congratulations and may we enjoy the next couple thousand posts.

Jolly well done !~!
Barbara Anne said…
Cheers and congratulations on post #1600!!

I have been so happy to have found you in blogland as it's always a pleasure to read what you've written. No matter the mood, your posts are always well written, thoughtful, and quite often ring a bell with me.

Cheers, too, for lucky winners Kathie and Gretchen!

Hope you and Helen have a lovely time together enjoying the eye candy that is out there.

LizA. said…
1600--Wowser. Congrats from box city, central Washington.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Congratulations and hugs of appreciation for sharing yourself with us. We are all richer because of you!!!