On this date seven years ago, I wrote my first blog post, "Having Fun With Intentionality." I went back and reread it today. At that time, writing a blog post was a new experience, and I wasn't sure what my intention was or where it would lead.

It has led to all kinds of wonderful.

This is post #1594. Who'da thunk it.

At first, I wrote my blog only for myself. It was to be a kind of a diary, to explore thoughts, to record events, to do whatever. And that is still what it is, but it isn't only for myself any longer. Somewhere along the way, I began to acquire comment-leavers, and it became apparent that I had a regular readership, mostly made up of people I did not know. Yet.

Over the years, the on-line relationships with other bloggers, has come to matter greatly. Never more than during the past three months as I dealt with an unexpected difficult life change.

And then there are the bloggers, mostly quilters, that I have had the opportunity to meet Up Close and Personal. They did not disappoint. They are wonderful ladies, and despite the geography that separates us, I am proud to call them dear friends. Others I look forward to meeting one day, in spite of even more geography. I know they will be wonderful, too.

And so today I celebrate. I celebrate seven years of blogging. I celebrate all that I have learned from other bloggers. I celebrate the friendships that have developed and grown. Reader, I celebrate you!