Saturday, May 04, 2013

May 4

No, we weren't there. But we might well have been, had not Joe's college education been interrupted by a four-year hiatus, courtesy of the United States Navy. We were living in Norfolk (of course) when it happened and were filled with grief combined with disbelief.

We were there for the second annual memorial observance, and several more after that

Today this date is observed by the general public with Star Wars images and a slogan, "May the Fourth be with you." At first I found that offensive. And then I began to like it. Anything that will keep the date in people's minds. Anything. If someone hears the slogan and then pauses and thinks, "Wait, wasn't that . . . ?" that is good. We must never forget.

And also with you.


Linda K said...

May 4,1970, an unforgettable tragedy at Kent State University, Ohio. That picture will always take my breath away. Yes, we must never forget.

Also, best wishes and happiness with your new job, Nancy.

lesthook said...

I had just moved to NC to begin my army wife life. It shocked the nation.

Barbara Anne said...

I remember this tragedy so well and the photo is among several photos I can never forget.

At that time, I was a 2nd year nursing school student in Memphis, and could not believe what had happened.


OT Quilter said...

We were in Washington, DC this past weekend and visited the Newseum (don't miss it!) This picture was in an exhibit of Pulitzer Prize winning photos, one of many that moved me to tears.