Eat. Sew. Laugh.

Home tonight from another weekend at White Oak.  The weather was gorgeous and we were able to have some of our meals outside.  There were eleven present, which is about the maximum for comfort and floor space availability.  It was lovely to see dear Cecelia again and to get to know Pat and Bobbi even better.  Those two are the  newest members of our group and already it is difficult to remember not having them. 

Such talent was present in the room!

Saturday evening seven of us had an interesting experience of attending a turkey dinner at the local firehouse.  The meal was so-so, but watching the interactions of the Amish people who were present made the experience well worth the ten dollars we'd paid.  I especially enjoyed a table of teen-age girls in their solid color dresses (some pinned and a few with buttons) with white prayer cap strings trailing over their shoulders; they were as giggly and silly as any group of "English" teens. 

I didn't take a lot of photographs; I was focused on making my brown and pink baby quilt for friends of Andrew and Amy who are expecting a daughter in February. 

I did take a picture of The Farmer's Whatever, however, and then gave her away.  The whole time I'd been making this quilt, I knew it was for Turbo, who has made and given away more quilts, I think, that anyone I know.  She liked it.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
It's incredible, so are you~
Anonymous said…
You sound rejuvenated and that is great!
Kathy B
altar ego said…
Welcome home! Love the quilt. Each square seems to call out, "come look at me!" Glad it was a good weekend for you all.
Pat said…
Talk about a Sisterhood of Quilters!! The Farmer's Whatever is indeed perfect for Turbo. The firehouse supper was a much-needed distraction. You ain't seen nuthin' until you've seen an Amish feller with a long bowl cut and hat hair.
Lori said…
I'm sure she loved it! It is a beautiful quilt!!

Glad you had a nice time this weekend. There is something refreshing about getting away with other woman to sew.
Annemiek said…
The quilt is amazing and giving such a beautifull quilt away is amazing too.
Sounds like you had a wonderfull weekend!
Judi said…
Having just spent a much-needed day off with my closest quilting friends, I can understand your enthusiasm!

The Farmer's Whatever is just beautiful - I love the ribbon quilting - and how typically generous of you to give it away!

WV: qualver = or white
Ray said…
The Farmer's Whatever is gorgeous. I. LOVE. IT. You sound good. I hope you are feeling much better physically and emotionally, and that the time away with quilty friends was a wonderful tonic!!!