Ready to Swap: Laurie, Who Are You?

Fourteen of us are set to swap the colored Civil War repro fabrics to make this wonderful quilt.

If anyone else wants to participate, you must let me know today.

Someone named Laurie left a comment that she wants to swap, but did not leave me an email address.  Laurie, if you are out there and still want to play, please send me an email with a return email address so I can add you to the group!

Ladies, sharpen your cutters!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I went one better, I changed blades!
~ready and waiting...~
Nanci said…
I must have missed the original post but if it's still open I love civil war and would love to swap but could you tell more of the details.
Laurie said…
Hi to the other, swapping Laurie, whoever you are. Great name!
Deb said…
I'm so excited to get my instructions now just have to make the time to cut, cut, cut!
Micki said…
It looks like a wonderful quilt. What is the name of the quilt?
Thanks for letting me join in the swap, Nancy. I, too, have a fresh blade and the instructions and am rarin' to go. I should be concentrating on the finish up challenge I joined over at Finn's place but I can't resist getting started on this new project. Story of my life.