Tuesday's Quilts

The Uvulati, our monthly hand-sewing group/guild met this past week.  There are eight local members and, oddly enough, two from Canterbury, UK.  Judi and Mary attend meetings infrequently, but are, nonetheless, card-carrying Uvulati members.

When they heard about the need for hospice baby quilts, they were quick to respond.
 They recently sent eight quilts for hospice infants, some simple, and some more complex.  Mary made the one above, so sweet.

This simple churn dash was one of Judi's efforts -- you can click the photo to see how she achieved the most interesting setting for the blocks.
Our Marsha has a passion for purple, a love for lavender, and a vigor for violet and it's a good thing she doesn't have an infant for she was quite smitten with this Judi-Mary offering.

A couple of months ago, I rediscovered a group of muddy and murky blocks that I'd received in a swap and I just couldn't get excited about them.  I offered them up on my blog as a give away and Judi was the one who won them.

She said she would make a lap quilt for a hospice patient and send the finished project back here, and so she did.

Isn't it wonderful, what she did?  Muddy and Murky no longer!

On Tuesday evening, Marsha was working on this quilt, a gift for a young man who attends Temple University (colors, I believe, are red and white, and mascot an owl).  I thought it was a very striking quilt and needed to get a picture of it.

Lucky guy.

Several of us were binding this month, and Emily's project was this beauty.  You know how I am about baskets.  Well, I was not alone in my fervent admiration for Em's masterpiece.

As with all of the pictures in this post, you can click on them to make them larger.


LizA. said…
Such loveliness. What a great way to set those churn dashes. Simple but elegant. What a quick easy little quilt. Love the red, black & white...what a nice gesture to sew up the murkies and return them like that. Quilters really are some of the nicest people.
Janet O. said…
What great hospice quilts. I am partial to churn dash and purple, so you know where my attention was riveted.
I recall (not winning) those "muddy, murky" blocks. Judi did a stellar job of letting in the light while staying true to the colors. Excellent finish, and good of her to donate it.
Oh, the basket quilt!!! (Can you sense the longing in my voice?) Just love it!
Unknown said…
Super way to set those chun dash blocks - brings out a great secondary pattern, and doesn't that sashing make those murky blocks sing, amazing what another person's perception on something can do