Post Number 1586: Assorted Goodies

So, it seems Post Number 1600 is coming up in the next couple of weeks. And my seventh blogiversary occurs during that time frame, too. Might be good to start thinking about some sort of a give-away.

Meanwhile, I've been Putting My Affairs In Order in one location, and discovered a few pictures that I'd saved on the office computer, thinking I'd one day have a use for them. I still might. But since they are so wonderful and since y'all have been so super in recent weeks/months, I thought I'd just go ahead and share them now.

The only one that is mine is the snowman quilt (and if you type too quickly, it becomes a snotman quilt) that I gave to my dear, dear colleague some years back. The others all came from internet sites.


LizA. said…
Grat way to start an extra early morning. Thanks for sharing.
so far no hits or bites...LOL
Janet O. said…
Thanks, Nancy. I needed a good giggle (which if you type fast becomes goggle--which I also need because I am making soap tonight). : )
Barbara Anne said…
Thanks for the morning chuckles. Those Groucho glasses never fail to make me laugh and that man and cat leaning to look at each other is a charmer.

Love the snowman quilt!

I've discovered that typos for "hugs" might be huts, mugs, tugs, hags, jugs, and wonder how many I didn't catch before posting!