Quilts for Kids

I didn't make it to last month's Guild meeting, but I learned that the challenge for this month was something to do with log cabins, modern style. I put together a sweet doll quilt, and as I was ready to begin hand-quilting it, I learned that it had been suggested that the log cabin projects finish at 36" so that they could be finished into Quilts for Kids donations (one of our favorite charities). I decided right away that I needed to undertake a second project.

I thought immediately of the wonderful prints that my Fabric Fairy Godmother had sent to me. I had known immediately on receiving her wonderful gift that the first thing that I would make would be a charity quilt of some sort. Very quickly this little 36" square top came together. I'll take it to Guild on Tuesday for Show and Tell and then finish it before the next meeting. A second one, same blocks but with a different layout is in the works and should be ready for Show and Tell, too.

Dear Fabric Fairy Godmother, I hope that you approve of this use of your beautiful fabrics. You might want to leave a comment. Anonymously, of course . . . .  thank you again, whoever you may be!


Janet O. said…
Well, I'm not the Fabric Fairy Godmother, so I don't have to be anonymous. I just have to tell you how fun I think this little quilt is.
You always do such nice things with your quilts, Nancy. This will make someone very happy, I'm sure!
Barbara Anne said…
I'm not your sweet Fairy Godmother either but I am sure she'll be happy with this delightful use of some of the fabrics she sent to you. This quilt is charming and is sure to please its new owner.

This very Chevron Log Cabin block with one more round of tonal fabric is what I used for the boys' Shade Cascade wall hangings they received for Christmas.

You're becoming a speed piecer!

Please keep AMIL in your prayers. She is in the hospital again. Sigh! Thanks.