Spring Break 2013: A Flimsy

After a false start or two, Spring Break 2013 is a full-fledged flimsy. I am pleased with it.

I am actually thinking of trying to machine quilt it myself, because I know what kind of quilting I want: Straight lines. I have done so very little machine quilting that I lack confidence, but we shall see. If I do machine quilt it myself, it won't be for a little while. I have to clean up my studio first.

Today I put together a very small piece for the current guild challenge. We are do something with log cabins and this morning I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The little flimsy is finished and tonight as I watch The Midwife followed by Mister Whatsisname, I'm going to hand quilt it. I believe it will ultimately be a doll quilt for a certain little girl that I know.

Yesterday the Usual Suspects (well, most of them -- a couple had escaped) were rounded up for a day of sewing down at the church. Bobbi and Pat had brought along their guild challenges, Honna was making a table runner, Kathy T-shirt quilt, and Judy and Helen were assembling bow tie quilts. I had all of the blocks for a secret project and got all of the rows assembled and about half of them put together and the rest pinned. I believe that Thursday night I will have time to get the rest of those rows sewn and the borders put on.

There's a glimmer of hope on the job-hunt front and I'll say no more about that until there is something more to say. Again, if you are tired of reading about this particular part of my life, I suggest you return in a few months when, hopefully, my life will be more stable. Critical, scolding comments really don't help me in any way.

'Nuff said.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Looks like a successful Spring Break to me; much more enjoyable than laying in the sun or cavorting on the sand in a bikini. ;)
Barbara Anne said…
Love the free-form Spring Break flimsy and its wide open possibilities!

Will we get to see the little guild challenge Log Cabin piece? Pretty please with sugar on top? How about the secret project? Pretty, pretty please?!

Cheers for the glimmer of hope and I'll wish the light to grow brighter and closer if it's the best thing for you. God only knows!

Janet O. said…
Hooray for Spring Break working out as hoped!
Usual Suspects is such a great name--makes me smile every time you mention the group.
I hope we will get to see the secret project soon.
I'll keep you and that glimmer of hope in my prayers.
Lorraine said…
Loving the Spring Break flimsy....and Usual Suspects is a brilliant name for a group....I hope the glimmer of hope turns into a full on spotlight for you soon. Positive thoughts to you as always!
suz said…
great flimsy - continuing to keep you in my prayers for your job hunting.
LizA. said…
Yes, straight lines, perhaps of varying widths?

There's a lot of layoffs going around. The bank my brother has worked at for 7 years just got bought out and he's one of 4 to be laid off--apparently they don't need duplicate IT personnel.
Nann said…
Mr. Selfridge!
It's an interesting show but it seems very staged. I need to look up the history of the store, and of him and his family, to see how much embroidery has been added.
Nann said…
Answering my own question: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selfridges .... and it says that the first season was so popular that a second season is in the works.